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Consumers trust & then desire products they see in the media

We are backed by Spotlight Group Agency, which began as a PR agency and expanded to a full-service agency specializing in health & beauty. Like many industries, the community is finite. Having spent years representing top-notch physicians in various categories of medicine and indie beauty brands, Spotlight has not only helped MDs grow their profile, the team is also well-respected as a quality media resource.

We have deep relationships with health and beauty editors, as well as TV segment producers and notable influencers.

These long-standing relationships are shared with CBD & Hemp Marketing Agency, as the agencies are sisters. While the growth surge in CBD and hemp wellness and beauty products is new, members of CBD & Hemp marketing are not new to getting media exposure for products in major print and online publications, as well as TV news and daytime talkshows. Working as a team, we deploy your product’s carefully crafted messaging to the media by weaving together engaging story ideas that capture the attention of writers and producers – which results in placing your product in front of your target audience.