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While cannabis users have long been savvy about the benefits of CBD and hemp, mainstream wellness and beauty consumers are only now becoming wise to the value of CBD and hemp infused products.

Aware of the imminent growth in demand, CBD and hemp wellness and beauty product producers are readying themselves to respond to interest from a massive group of mainstream consumers – with a propensity for natural ingredients, and a proclivity to jump on the latest wellness and/or beauty trend.

Some wellness and beauty trends are short-lived because the hype doesn’t live up to the results. This is not the case with CBD and hemp wellness and beauty products, which often deliver results where traditional options (such as pharmaceuticals) have failed.

From beauty and wellness bloggers to YouTube sensations, CBD and hemp products have gained attention with influencers and are now capturing the attention of mainstream media.  The 25 – 54 demographic is embracing CBD and hemp products at record speed, many of whom are introducing all them to their parents for effective pain and sleep management.

With scientific evidence mounting, laws changing in favor of CBD and hemp products, and anecdotal evidence spreading throughout the general public, CBD and hemp infused product producers are realizing the need for more sophisticated branding and marketing efforts in order to compete in the lucrative mainstream.

Consumers have developed a discerning eye for product packaging – thanks to significant time spent on social media critiquing images. For CBD and hemp wellness and beauty product producers to get notices and develop brand loyalty, they now must clearly define their brand and ensure that all marketing materials (especially social media) is on brand at all times.

The days of cardboard box design with a cannabis leaf  on the label won’t cut it with this captious consumer.

Neiman Marcus’s recent test launch of CBD and hemp beauty products online and in five bricks-and-mortar locations, featuring brands such as Cannabliss Organic, Code of Harmony, and Vertly, is evidence that we’ve reached the tipping point into the mainstream.

Not only is this indicator promising news for CBD and hemp product producers, it’s even better news for the public – who will now have new (to them) natural wellness and skin care products that are effective and easily accessible.

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