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These two kick-ass women who are setting out to start the “Sephora of CBD!” Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis are building an online marketplace, Fleur Marché, dedicated to providing the consumer with an easy one-stop-shop for all of their CBD needs. Not only does their website give you the chance to buy some of the best CBD products on the market, it also has a plethora of information about CBD and it’s benefits – making it appealing to both new and existing users. Not only are these women

While cannabis users have long been savvy about the benefits of CBD and hemp, mainstream wellness and beauty consumers are only now becoming wise to the value of CBD and hemp infused products. Aware of the imminent growth in demand, CBD and hemp wellness and beauty product producers are readying themselves to respond to interest from a massive group of mainstream consumers – with a propensity for natural ingredients, and a proclivity to jump on the latest wellness and/or beauty trend. Some wellness and beauty trends are