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We are anchored by Spotlight Group Agency, an all women team of seasoned health & beauty marketing/branding, public relations, social media and design experts who represent many of the top medical key opinion leaders in the United States.

CBD & Hemp Marketing Agency was conceived when a Spotlight executive team member was in search of a solution for a suffering family member…

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New beauty products continues to flood the market at a staggering rate. Large and indie beauty product producers are in a fierce battle to reach an ever growing and discerning audience. Between social media, online beauty influencers (bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers), such as Kandee JohnsonHuda Kattan, as well as countless celebrities – not to mention the significant growth of online lifestyle & beauty media outlets, such as Refinery29PopSugar and TheCut (on top of…

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Cannabis lovers have long been wise to the beauty and health benefits of CBD & hemp products. However, this group only represents a very small percentage of the 39.45% of Americans that make up the coveted 25-54 demographic. Add their parents to the mix (who are often introduced to CBD & hemp products by their children, in hopes of helping to ease their parent’s aches, pains, anxiety, trouble sleeping and more), and the market for…

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Since the advent of social media and meal ordering apps, never before have humans been so connected and yet so lonely. To fill the void, millions are forming deeper bonds with their beloved pets. The pet costume business is booming, and veterinarian reports of pets suffering from severe separation anxiety and other emotional disorders has reach record levels. Coupled with modern medicine and better nutrition, just like their human…

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